Saturday, April 7, 2012

First Thoughts on Minecraft

I've been playing around with Minecraft for the last three days or so - not to the exclusion of everything else in my life, but I can see how that could happen! Since I am so new to the game, I only have the beginnings of ideas for how to use Minecraft as a learning opportunity. Here are some of my first thoughts as a player:

Survival Mode
  1. Unless you really like to figure out everything on your own, watch a tutorial about how to survive your first night.
  2. Be prepared for the adrenaline rush of nightfall and strange creature noises.
  3. My daughter and I partnered up: She played the game on our desktop while I used my laptop to research how to accomplish various tasks on the Minecraft Wiki. When we couldn't find charcoal to make torches and had to spend the night in a dark hole, just waiting for morning to come, this was the place that showed us how to make our own charcoal.
  4. Making blocks of glass was one of the first things we did. That way we could have a protected view out into the night so we could see when it was daylight again.
  5. Even when it is daylight, there may be a spider hovering above your front door. I wish I had a video recording of the first time this happened. Terrifying and hilarious!
  6. Here's one of my first hidey holes with my crafting table and furnace - very important!

Creative Mode
  1. In this mode, I had access to many different items rather than having to mine and craft my own supplies. It was fun to be able to use whatever I wanted as I built the beginnings of a home under a hill. (Not quite a Hobbit hole...)
  2. This mode shows me what I could aspire to do in Survival mode. It shows me something of what is possible.
  3. There are monsters about, but they don't attack, so that's nice.
  4. Here's one room of my house under the hill:

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