Sunday, August 1, 2010

So You Want to be a Wizard by Diane Duane

Nita is being chased by bullies when she takes refuge in the public library.  Waiting for the bullies to leave, she runs across a book she’s never seen before: So You Want to be a Wizard.  Reading it, she isn’t sure whether it’s an elaborate joke or a true invitation to learn powers that could help her protect herself, talk to trees, and help Life in all its forms.  Once she gives the “Wizard’s Oath,” tries the suggested beginning exercises, and meets another beginning wizard Kit, she finds herself on an adventure that shows that wizardry is very much alive in the world.  And she’ll need it to rescue something precious that’s been hidden by a force of death, darkness and evil often called the Lone Power.  This is just the first book in a series of magic and adventure that will take readers to the depths of the ocean and the vastness of the universe.

Personal notes: The most recent book in the Young Wizards series, A Wizard of Mars, just came out this summer.  After reading it, I just had a hankering to reread the first book.

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